Thank you for your interest in booking Andrew Dahle for your private event.


Cost is based on performance time and distance traveled

Performance Time
2 Hours: $550
3 Hours: $650
4 Hours: $700
5 Hours: $750

Distance Events that take place further than 30 miles from St. Louis, MO are subject to a travel rate of $2/mile over the included 30 mile range. Distance is only calculated in one direction and does not include the return travel.

Example: A gig 50 miles from St. Louis would incur a travel charge of $40.

Performance Space and Equipment

Performance space A 6’x6’ space is required with access to a stool and small table. For outdoor events a covered space is required to protect Andrew and equipment from the sun and any weather that may occur.

PA / Sound All necessary PA and sound equipment will be provided by Andrew to ensure proper sound levels for the event space and attendees.

Power Power will need to be provided by the event organizer. An outlet within 5 feet or a connected extension cord run to the performance space will be required.