THUR 8/3 Marley's Road House 7-10PM
FRI 8/4 CJ's Pub -8-11PM
SAT 8/5 The Gramophone 12-3PM
SAT 8/5 Chaonia Landing 7-10PM
SUN 8/6 LaChance Vineyards Desoto 1-4PM
TUE 8/8 Broadway Oyster Bar 9-1AM
THUR 8/10 1860's Saloon 8-12AM
FRI 8/11 Grafton Winery & Brewhaus -5-8PM
SUN 8/13 Grafton Winery the Vineyards 1-4PM
WED 8/16 Big Daddy's Edwardsville 6-9PM
FRI 8/18 Bennie's Pizza 6-10PM
SAT 8/19 The Gramophone 12-3PM
SAT 8/19 Boarding House Bistro 5-9PM
WED 8/23 1860's Saloon 8-12M
FRI 8/25 LaChance Winery Kimmswick 6-9PM
SAT 8/26 Red Bar 8-11PM
SUN 8/27 Buckhart Tavern 3-6PM
WED 8/30 1860's Saloon 8-12M
THUR 8/31 Marley's Road House 7-10PM


FRI 9/1 The Gallery Pub 8-11pM
SAT 9/2 The Gramophone 12-3PM
SAT 9/2 The Honky Tonk STL 5-8M
SUN 9/3 Marley's Road House 2-5PM
THUR 9/7 Big Daddy's Edwardsville 6-9PM
FRI 9/8 The Weingarten 6-9PM
SUN 9/10 Bella Vista Winery -1-5PM
TUE 9/12 Broadway Oyster Bar 9-1AM
THUR 9/14 1860's Saloon 8-12AM
SAT 9/16 The Gramophone 12-3PM
SAT 9/16 Boarding House Bistro 5-9PM
SUN 9/17 Grafton Winery the Vineyards 2-5PM
THUR 9/21 Bennie's Pizza 6-9PM
FRI 9/22 Eckert's Family Farm 1-4PM
SUN 9/24 Buckhart Tavern 3-6PM
WED 9/27 1860's Saloon 8-12M
THUR 9/28 The Honky Tonk STL 7:30-11:30PM
FRI 9/29 Marley's Road House 7-10PM
SAT 9/30 LaChance Winery Kimmswick 6-9PM